Buy Cuplock Scaffolding – Is it the best choice?


Buy Cuplock Scaffolding


If you are looking to buy scaffolding one of the best options to consider is to buy cuplock scaffolding.

There are a wide range of clear benefits to cuplock scaffolding.  The flexibility and durability of this component scaffold structure means that that cuplock scaffolding can be used in a wide range of projects from smaller domestic roofing works through to large commercial and industrial scaffolds

Cuplock scaffolding is very popular for in Scotland and across the UK. Cuplock is the chosen system for many of our clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh and other areas across Scotland who are in the scaffolding trade.

A major advantage of cuplock scaffolding is that when connecting the standards and ledgers etc, a cuplock joint is used. Cuplock joints are very secure and easy to work with, resulting in fast to erect and safe to work with scaffolding structure. The few additional components in cuplock scaffolding make it’s loading and unloading very efficient, saving time and money.

In cuplock scaffolding the connection point is called a node connector. This node connector allows you to connect up to four components simultaneously. This node point connection method makes this type of system very fast and straight forward to erect. When you chose to buy cuplock scaffolding you will find it is much faster for your projects.

When you compare using cuplock scaffolding to tube and clamp scaffolding the time savings are around 30% or more.

Cuplock scaffolding is tried, tested and trusted by scaffolding professionals from not only Glasgow but across the whole UK; in-fact cuplock is probably the most widely used component scaffold system in the world today.

With cuplock there are no nuts, bolts or wedges to fasten the ledgers. In addition, there are also no small parts which could easily be lost or damaged!

Cuplock is perceived as among the safest system available at present and it can be can also be erected in a circular way.

By using only single steel scaffold pipes in cuplock scaffolding it therefore is very easy to transport and requires less space for storage.  As the steel is galvanised you will find that when you buy scaffold in the cuplock system the scaffold has a long span of life.

As with any major purchase, you will want to talk to a professional to get advice. Our team of scaffold experts are based near Glasgow, Scotland. MJR Group Solutions has a major scaffolding erection and contracting division working with a number of household names from as far north as Inverness and Aberdeen, down through Fife, Dundee and Perth, across the central belt, including Glasgow and Edinburgh. Then down through the borders to England.

With this vast experience, you can be assured that the advice from the team at MJR Group Solutions will ensure that when you buy scaffolding you make the best decision.

Browse our online store today where you can buy scaffolding online. Alternatively pick up the phone and speak to one of our team today on 01563 531 866.


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