A guide to buying second hand scaffolding.


A guide to buying second hand scaffolding.

The is no avoiding the fact, buying scaffolding can be a major investment for any business.  With budgets on all projects being continually squeezed contractors, builders and roofers often look for ways to reduce overheads and keep costs outgoings.

Almost every builder, roofer, contractor and scaffolding company will have to buy scaffolding at some point to ensure that their business is properly equipped. Although many choose to hire scaffold, buying scaffolding is often the chosen route for many.  Cash flow and budget restrictions mean that to buy new scaffolding is not an option for some, and to buy used scaffolding is the chosen option.

There is nothing wrong with buying used scaffolding or buying refurbished scaffolding and many firms operate on this model only. When you choose to the option of buying used or refurbished scaffold there are careful considerations that must be taken into account.

Buying Second hand scaffold tips.

When you choose to buy used scaffolding you first need to decide which type of system will best suit your needs and the projects it is intended for.

Once you make the decision to buy used scaffolding you may be instantly think to find the cheapest option. Many businesses will instantly look to online sources such as Ebay and Gumtree to try to find the cheapest options. There are lots of listings on these sites, but beware, cheap does not always mean a bargain. Caution must be taken when buying privately, at best it might need replaced very quickly, actually costing you more in the long run, at worst it could be unsafe for you to work with.

If you do choose to buy from one of these sites always check the following;

  • When was the scaffolding last tested?
  • Has the scaffolding ever been repaired or reconditioned, if so when and by whom?
  • What safety standards does the scaffolding meet and conform to?
  • Where was the scaffolding manufactured and by whom?
  • Do you have any guarantees in event of a fault?

It is massively important to check these details, failing to do so could result in injury or fatality to you, your staff and those in proximity of the scaffolding structure if it were to fail.

Buy Used Scaffold from a reputable company.

While it is possible to find bargains on these online directory sites, bargains don’t always turn out to be bargains in the long run.

In the scaffolding market, real bargain basement prices for safe and quality scaffold rarely exist, always check who you are buying from and that they are a reputable scaffolding company.  All too often there are simply dangerous second scaffold systems, no longer fit for use, being sold on these sites.

A safer option, and longer term cost efficient option, is to only ever buy scaffold from a reputable scaffolding sales company. There are a wide number of professional scaffolding sales companies across the UK that can advise you on the best options when you buy used scaffolding.

By discussing your needs with a reputable scaffolding sales company you will have professional advice, ensuring your purchase of scaffolding is fit for purpose. You will have a point of contact should you need any advice and support in the future. Furthermore any reputable company will provide you with a lengthy guarantee on the scaffold and be able to give you peace of mind that is tested, fully repaired and safe to use against all UK safety standards. By choosing to buy used scaffold from a reputable scaffolding sales company you may have to invest slightly more at the start, but this will lead to a better investment for the long term and provide you with the peace of mind that you are operating safely.

From our base near Glasgow, Scotland, MJR Group Solutions offer a wide range of scaffolding for sale. Stocking new, used and refurbished scaffolding across a wide range of component scaffold systems, all with lengthy guarantees against corrosion or defect.  Our team are on hand to discuss your needs to ensure you get the correct solution. Lastly, if you still think it is too much to invest oat once, we can help you spread the cost through our flexible finance options.

With delivery available not only in the UK but internationally, from our head office near Glasgow, our team are on hand today to help you buy scaffold.



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