January 21, 2019

Can I afford my to buy scaffold?

Key to many businesses in the construction industry is to consider which assets are better purchased, which they should hire or which they should sub contract for.


When it comes to scaffolding it can be a challenging decision to undertake. However, a good rule of thumb is if the project is over 8 weeks (or you use the same set up for more than 8 weeks a year), the build is under six metres and has a straight elevation; then invest in your own scaffold.


These are the basics to consider and we would always recommend that you speak to a professional to fully evaluate your circumstance; our team are here to help.


Once you have decided that purchasing your own scaffold makes good sense, the capital outlay can often create concern on ongoing business cash flow.


By looking towards finance you can spread the cost of your new scaffolding on a monthly basis.   This is a perfect option to preserve capital in the business and own that desperately needed new scaffolding.


With scaffolding finance your can obtain a high level of flexibility through varied repayment terms; meaning your business is not under stress from a large purchase.


By directing a small amount of income each month toward your finance payment you can easily acquire your new scaffolding at a low cost each month.  This means you protect that “emergency” cash fund.


When you have your own scaffold you increase your ability to create competitive and attractive quotations to clients; in the end securing more contracts as you can beat others that have to contract in scaffold at high rates and pass that cost to clients.

their budget and cash flow. In turn, this allows the company to stay competitive.


Obviously owning scaffold is not entirely suitable for every business, but we would always recommend that you take time to fully explore this option as it can deliver huge savings and increased profits.


The team here at MJR Group Solutions are always available to discuss your situation and make recommendations that best suit you.  As a contractor and sales company we will be sure to find a solution that best fits for your next UK based project and associated scaffolding

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