Better To Purchase or Hire Scaffolding?


When it comes to scaffolding the cost of hire or contract can be a bitter pill to swallow. There are many upsides to hiring the scaffold, but also many downsides. More often in today’s market we are seeing the long term benefits of purchasing your own scaffold far outweigh those of hiring scaffold.

As a general rule of thumb, if you hire approximately the same volume of scaffold for more than 12 weeks per year, you will find that purchasing your own scaffold will make more financial sense in the long run.

Length of projects or total hire time

Generally speaking, if you use scaffolding for less than 12 weeks per year, the cost of buying simply does not make sense. The length of the project is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding between renting or buying scaffolding. If you will be working on a job site for more than three months, or foresee needing the same scaffolding equipment for similar projects on a regualar basis, purchasing your own scaffolding may be the way to go. Rental fees will quickly add up if you continually rent equipment for every project and the cost of purchasing scaffolding equipment can pay for itself in the long-term through repeat usage very quickly.

How much should I buy?

When considering purchasing your own scaffolding many clients are concerned about storage. For smaller projects of only one or two houses you would be surprised how little space a correctly stored scaffold will take. As a general rule 3 tonnes of scaffold will fit into 4m2 (4m X 1m x 1m). This is enough scaffold to erect around 20 metres of scaffold with two lifts at 5m height.

Another consideration is around the actual weight of the scaffold. With advances in the technology and systems in scaffolding there are now a wide choice of systems, that are much lighter and more manageable than traditional systems. Cuplock for example is great choice when looking to purchase your first scaffold.

It is a big capital outlay..

Well no, it does not need to be. Yes, many business owners tell us this is the biggest obstacle to making investment in all types of new equipment. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

By using an established supplier that can help you understand the exact package you need, you can be assured you do not over stretch your budget and end up with more stock than you need. Finance for scaffolding has long been a challenge in the market for smaller businesses, however when dealing with MJR Group Solutions you have a wide range of options that allow you to avoid large initial capital outlays and spread the cost.  We have partnered with a number of finance companies that specialise in arranging finance for smaller companies, regardless of being an Ltd or sole trader.  Our team can help advise on the terms and monthly costs, helping you find something that meets your budget.  Typically you can own enough scaffold to build two 3 bedroom bungalows simultaneously for as little as ten pounds a day. Here is a an example package for you to see just how simply it is to own your own scaffold and start saving money today.


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  • Jack Palmer
    June 14, 2019
    I like that you said if you hire scaffold for more than 12 weeks per year, purchasing your own scaffold would be a better option. I believe that it would certainly be a great idea for big companies that are always doing new buildings. Thank you for your explanation about if you use scaffolding for fewer weeks per year, buying scaffold would not be necessary. reply
    • Richard
      June 26, 2019
      Hi Jack, We always look to provide the best possible advice for all our clients, and as a "rule of thumb" for businesses we see that around 12 weeks of hire or more per year, then invest in purchase can work out better in longer term. However every client is individual and we take time to help them calculate what will suit them best in the longer run. Certainly there are distinct differences between the domestic and business market. Many of our smaller domestic clients like to purchase as they have "flexible" project schedule (ie they go at their own pace!) and it removes the stress of having to work to deadlines, then they often resell at end of their projects. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and hope you continue to keep in touch with us for all your scaffolding needs. reply
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