Ringlock has rapidly become of the most popular and choices in the scaffolding industry. It is fast, flexible and adaptable.

Created in the USA, Ringlock has quickly become a global leader and a serious alternative to other systems such as Cuplock and Kwik Stage.

Although released long after alternatives such as Cuplock and Kwikstage, Ringlock has become immensely popular due to its wide range of benefits.

Ringlock is lightweight yet robust and features a unique rosette-type central connector allowing it to be suitable in complex geometries.

There are many benefits to the choosing Ringlock scaffolding packages, here are our top five;

Speed – Ringlock is quick and easy to assemble. With fewer components and light weight, it eliminates storage and transportation issues.

Flexibility – You can lock in a variety of different angles and accurately align these with the notch.

Durability – Our Ringlock scaffolding is hot/cold galvanised to prevent corrosion meaning your scaffolding last longer and has increased reliability.

Stability – Supporting complete vertical rod, bar, horizontal-diagonal and vertical-diagonal structure in the 3D space, it provides a complete lattice system.

Load bearing – Ringlock has been proven to have a greater load bearing capacity than other systems, meaning it is ideal for a wide variety of build types.

The MJR Group Solutions Ringlock systems conforms to European standards BS EN12810 and BS EN12811. MJR Group Solutions Ringlock is compliant with The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) Code of Practice for System Scaffold.


Ringlock node connection consists of standards with rosettes every 0.5m and horizontal members with a cast end captive wedge (Ledger and Transom). When connected the Ledger ends and rosettes create a very strong connection. It is this connection that transmits forces throughout the scaffold structure.

The Ringlock rosette has a diameter of 123mm and has been manufactured to have 8 holes, 4 of which are small and 4 of which are large. The smaller holes represent the 90 degree angle at which Ledgers and Transoms are fitted. The larger holes accommodate the Diagonal Bay Braces.

The rosette also allows for the Ledgers to be connected into the larger holes. This gives up to 15 degrees of range in each direction. This provides the ability to move the Ledgers to clear obstacles.

Ringlock systems are increasing in popularity and there are many good reasons why.  MJR Group Solutions provide a range of Ringlock packages and components, all with flexible delivery and finance options.

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