Scaffold for historic or listed buildings in Scotland and UK


Historic & Listed Buildings Scaffolding

Not all scaffolding is for new buildings and structures, frequently scaffold is required for restoration works on historic and listed buildings.  These types of jobs require the scaffolding contractor to take into consideration certain factors that may not necessarily be required in dealing with new builds.

As such, owners or project managers on buildings, when looking for a scaffolding company, should take into consideration the track record of their shortlisted scaffolding contractors.

When designing the scaffolding for heritage or historic projects consideration may need to be factored for the building material used in its construction, architectural or artistic details specific to the building, and, for tourist attractions or structures that otherwise see heavy vehicular or foot traffic, the safety of visitors and passers-by.

Many scaffolding companies now will only use a modular scaffold system and have little or know experience in any other type of scaffold.  This is perfectly acceptable in the industry for many new builds and more “straightforward” scaffold designs, however historic buildings and structures may have more complex or specialised scaffold requirements.  It is therefore advise that when interviewing your scaffolding erection contractor you check about their experience on both traditional and component scaffold systems along with their ability to design complex scaffolds.

Whenever possible, owners or caretakers of historic structures ask for referrals from owners and caretakers of other buildings that have gone through renovation. While no two heritage buildings are the same, the importance of prior experience cannot be emphasized enough. Did the previous provider of scaffolding rental services exercise utmost care in dealing with delicate structural embellishments like stone carvings or such like. How many man-hours were lost due to accident or delays, if at all? What kinds of safety measures were implemented during the project? These types of questions must be asked.

Because long-time providers of scaffolding rental services have successfully completed similar projects before, one is more inclined to trust them when it comes to getting the job done safely and successfully. Aside from ensuring the safety of stoneworkers, painters, and carpenters, scaffolding rental services also have to take care of the public and those who continue to use the structure. While many buildings close during renovation, there are others that have to stay open as they serve a large segment of the public.

Here at MJR Group Solutions we provide a wide range of scaffolding services for all types and sizes of projects. Our team can design the most complex of scaffolding using years of industry experience coupled with cutting edge technology. This ensure that whatever your project, we deliver on time, on budget and safely…everytime.

From our head office based near Glasgow, Scotland, we deliver scaffold contracting and sales services to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland and UK wide.

Call our team today to discuss your next scaffolding requirements and find out why a large part of our business is repeat clients.

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