Self Build Projects

January 15, 2019

Now that you have decided to start your own project there are many elements to consider that might cost more than you think.  One of these can be scaffolding.

If you project is likely to last longer than 8 weeks you are likely better to purchase your own scaffold than to look at hiring or contracting if budget is a concern.

By buying your own scaffold you can cut the costs of the contractors/hiring from your budget and once the project is complete you can re-sell the scaffold, often with little or no loss.

There are a wide variety of scaffolding systems, broadly these are conventional ( tube, boards and fittings) and system scaffolds (ringlock, cuplock etc).

Conventional scaffold is occasionally a bit cheaper, however it does require a qualified scaffolder to erect and is heavier to work with.  Once you factor in the cost of hiring a scaffolder to erect it for you, the cost savings can quickly start to vanish.

System scaffold is much easier to work with and can be erected quickly and easily.  Most of the systems use a simple method where components are locked in place with only a hammer. We stock Ringlock, Cuplock and Kwik Stage, both new and used.  All these systems are easy to use and quick to erect and have many additional components that can be added as needed.

Our team are always ready to give professional, no obligation advice on scaffolding whether your choose to purchase or look to contract it in. Get in touch today and let us help you.

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