When working with scaffolding
Safety must be of paramount importance.

At MJR Group Solutions we can advise our clients on the what training you and your staff will require to ensure that you meet all HSE and regulatory guidelines for scaffold erection, management and dismantling.

In the UK for over forty years The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) has been the industry recognised scaffold training scheme.

For many major organisations including CSCS, NASC, HSE, Build UK, UNITE and the largest scaffold systems manufacturers it is the preferred scaffolding qualification.

The scheme has more than 60,000 CISRS card holders in the UK and more than 5,000 OSTS card holders overseas.

There are a wide range of training programmes available from CISRS that offer varying levels of accreditation.

(Basic Access System Erector)

The CISRS BASE course provides accredited training for non-scaffolders who erect, alter and dismantle basic and routine scaffolding structures using a specific system scaffold product.

It provides users with limited skills and knowledge for safe use of a specific system scaffold product,  with-in restricted working environments and in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

BASE card holders are permitted to construct simple system scaffold structures with the product used when completing their CISRS BASE Training. With a maximum height of 6m these structures must not be in an environment with a general public interaction. More information can be found here

System Scaffold Product Training Scheme

The 2 Day System Scaffolding Product Training Scheme (SSPTS) addresses differences between the various system scaffold products covered by CISRS. Providing structured training in system scaffold products for scaffolders who had previously only received training in tube and fittings. The scheme provides scaffolders with the skills and knowledge for the safe use of the system scaffold product, in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

These courses are only available to CISRS card holders who have successfully completed a minimum of CISRS Part 1 training.

SSPTS courses are available in a variety of system scaffold products. These products have been approved for training, only after the manufacturer/supplier has submitted all the relevant product information to CISRS.

CISRS system scaffold products are placed into categories of similar type. If a scaffolder desires to use a 2nd system scaffold product within the same category the employer will be required to ensure that all relevant product information is relayed to the scaffolder and that they are made aware of any differences in product capability, erection procedure, tie patterns and other features. Should a requirement to use a system product in a different category arise, they will be required to attend a CISRS SSPTS course in that product. More information can be found here

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